Nate Eldon

Nate Eldon has been working in the construction industry since his teens.  Growing up around Bob Eldon’s business made an informal apprenticeship and an eventual career nearly unavoidable.  Nate graduated from the University of North Florida with a BA in English Literature.  After moving around a bit between Florida and New Jersey he and Jennifer eventually settled and built a house for themselves in Cape May.  Nate enjoys interesting and challenging building projects, traveling, surfing, and occasionally a good book.  He’ll also tell anyone that asks, “being a carpenter is just about the coolest thing one can do for a living.”  After running the Eldon Builders organization for the past ten years or so, he’s come to realize that he has a wonderfully diverse client network.  He’s worked for billionaires and yoga teachers and everyone in-between.  He enjoys meeting new people from different backgrounds and forming strong relationships.  For a low-profit side hustle Nate writes the occasional article for a building trade journal and he is still considering writing a book of the funny and interesting characters he’s encountered in the building trades.

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